Health Examination

Why your GERIATRIC dog/cat needs a health examination every 6 months:

- Check weight/evaluate nutritional requirements

- Check blood work for kidney, liver, thyroid, endocrine abnormalities, and check for white blood cell, red blood cell, and
  platelet abnormalities
- Check urinalysis on dogs and cats with urinary, kidney, or diabetes problems
- Check teeth for tartar build-up, gum inflammation, and loose teeth
- Check ears for infection
- Check for tumors on the skin and elsewhere
- Check for heart murmurs, arrhythmias, and circulatory problems (blood pressure, etc.)
- Check vision and hearing
- Check for musculoskeletal problems (arthritis, muscle atrophy)
- Evaluate for pain level/ pain control needs
- Discuss behaviour changes that may be associated with physiological changes or disease processes going on in the pet
  (loss of sight, senility, etc.)
- Discuss changes which may be needed in the pet's everyday environment
- Evaluate contagious disease exposure and need for vaccination based on immune status